Project Consultancy

Why we do

  • We ensure you success in projects that are yet to be conceived
  • We ensure your developers never face any technical hiccups
  • We ensure your developers are always abreast with the latest technology
  • We ensure all your new hires ready to work on live projects without any ramp up time

Why Us?

We at SSP believe that your business is to develop software and deliver it on time. How simple; yet how difficult –

If these are your problems too, then rest assured! We will take care of them. Our innovative team equipped with cutting edge technology trains new hires and make them ready for work from day one. We will not only help your experienced developers get trained on the latest technology but also make them experts by continuously supporting year after year .

Our Expertise

  • Identifying Customer Specific Requirement
  • Deciding on SDLC Model
  • Project Planning – Budgeting and Time Lining
  • Conducting Project specific Training
  • Identifying Software Architectural Patterns
  • Developing Framework
  • Designing and Optimizing Databases
  • Defining and auditing coding standards
  • Building and executing comprehensive test plans
  • Providing Debugging and Optimization services
  • Conducting Support Training
  • Conducting Customer Training